Damage and discoloration are inevitable when Leather Products are being used. Different processes are required to correct various damages. We are specialized in all types of Bag Repairs and Restoration Services, not only for our Brand but for any local or international brands. Our technicians are available for personalized consultations during business hours at our Flagship store located at 297, Galle Road, Colombo 03.


For the past three decades, we have had the prestige of providing such services to all Airlines operating from Sri Lanka. The confidence reposed in our customers, devolves on the excellence and reliability of our finished leather products.


Bag Handles & Shoulder Straps

Handlles and Shoulder Straps are a key component of the bag, which is often in contact with the user. With time, the material used for the handle may get worn out, torn or discoloured over time. From providing simple stitch solutions to constructing new handles or straps, our craftsmen have a solution to every damage.


Over time, zippers used in the construction of a bag can become faulty or detached from the bag, due to factors such as overloading and exposure to heat. Our technicians will match the existing zip with a new one to provide a seamless replacement and ensure the bag is looking at its best.

Locks and metal hardware

Faulty locks, broken studs and other metal hardware issues can be taken care of with over 100 metal hardware variations to suit your tastes. Our technicians will install, replace, or repair the metal hardware based on each individual requirement.

Wheels and trolleys

Baggage mishandling often leads to broken trolleys and wheels, with over 50 years of experience in repairing suitcases our technicians will source the correct accessory to fit your bag.

Inner lining

Cotton or Taffeta fabric is often used for inner lining of bags. Over time, the fabric may get torn or worn out. In such cases, we are happy to replace this with a similar fabric or in some cases, use the same fabric to increase the lifespan of the product.

Material Defects

Bag exteriors often endure wear, tears, or discoloration due to factors like heat, water exposure, overloading, or mishandling. In such cases, our skilled artisans have the expertise to restore the material using either similar fabric or employing a range of techniques, effectively rejuvenating the product's aesthetics and longevity.


Bring us your vision, design, sketch, idea, or a sample and we will turn this idea into reality by selecting premium grade materials and accessories to cater to your taste and expectations. With a wide array of materials, textures, colours, and metal hardware, we can transform an idea into a reality. With the availability of laser engraving and head embossing technology, we can add a personal touch to your product. Whether it being a name or personal message, we can engrave this onto your product. Contact Us now to transform your vision into reality.


Leather products require careful care and pampering to ensure longevity we suggest the following tips and advice. Note not all types of leather can be cleaned with chemical solutions or creams. We also advice to patch test on small area before application. Grease, oils, dyes cannot be removed from leather. Visit a P. G. Martin store to find out more.

Store your leather products in a well ventilated space, ideally in a cloth or non-woven storage bag, Best advised to avoid storage in plastic bags.

Keep your products away from ink, oils, and grease as they are the worst enemies of leather.

Extreme heat can cause leather to dry and crack. Therefore, keep your products well away from sources of heat.

It’s best to use a soft bristled brush to remove loose dust and particles from leather products.

If your leather product get soaking wet, stuff the bag to retain its shape and leave it to dry in normal light.

If a fungus develops on your leather products, remove the fungus using a soft cloth dipped in a mild Dettol solution.


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